Dua 7

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Allahumma zidna

wala tan qusna wa akrimna

wala tuhinna wa aq tina

wala tah rimna wa asirna

wala tuksir alaina

wa ar dhina wa ardho anna

Dua Fitnah dajjal

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Allahumma barik fil mawti wa fima ba’dal mawt’ [O Allah! Bless me in death and in the stages after death]

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Supplication for protection from enemy

Prophetﷺ dua for steadfastness, determination & willpower

   Pakrush Admin        Saturday, August 8, 2020Determination, firm willpower and steadfastness is something Allah wants humans to develop and express through their thinking, actions and during any situation they may face.

For this, God has gifted humans with consciousness and the power to choose because this way He tests them. A Quran verse highlights the significance of determination and willpower:

“We also commanded Adam before You (Mohammadﷺ), but he forgot and We did not find determination in him” [Surah Taha verse 115]

Here’s a very unique dua that Prophet Mohammad SAW used to recite. Companion Shaddad Bin Aus (May Allah be pleased with Him) narrates in Sunan Nasai 1305 that, “The Messenger of Allah SAW used to say in His prayer:”

dua for willpower, determination and steadfastness
Prophet Mohammad SAW used to recite this prayer to ask Allah for steadfastness and determination. The dua is mentioned in Arabic text along with English translation and transliteration 
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