In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

This is a continuation of Topic 5.

In the al-Qur’an, there were recounted stories of previous nations destroyed by Allah because they disobeyed his messengers and ignored his laws. Here are the nations that were destroyed and some until today, the ruins can still be seen as reminder to mankind and as proofs on what were revealed by the al-Qur’an.

[Note: The Writer has included pictures and YouTube videos (claims as latest discoveries by explorers and scientists)  on historical remains of destroyed nations. The Writer is unable to confirm whether the pictures and youtube videos are authentic (for example, photo of the people of A’ad is reported as a hoax) but let’s look at it as lesson learnt……..rather than ignoring it.

  1. People of Noah

Noah preached for 950 years, but only about 80 people believed in him. His people denied and mocked him as mad for building a ship on land.  Then, Allah brought a great flood, and drowned all the disbelievers, including his wife and one of Noah’s son.

What the Quran says about Prophet Noah:






Recent discovery on Noah Ark is a fascinating evidence.

When Allah said …And it (the ship) rested on Mount Judi (in above ayat) is basically to tell Mankind to look for the evidence.  When the evidence is found, somehow there are still many people (especially people of the books – Jews, Christians and also some who called themselves Muslims) do believe the evidence . For the Muslims, they should be aware that believing in Prophet Noah is not enough because by not accepting Allah’s law in total, the Muslims shall also be among the wrongdoers and zalimuns) who are still amongst the disbelievers because their hearts, hearings and eyes are sealed by Allah. Allah has given to all human beings “brain” to think and if they do not want to seek the truth (pray to Allah for guidance), their hearts, hearings and eyes shall remained sealed by Allah..!

Now, let’s view this YouTube video on the Noah’s Ark. Please click the video clip:-


Chinese & Turkist Explorers Found the Noah’s Ark (1)

Chinese & Turkist Explorers Found the Noah’ Ark (2)

The Narrator Confirmed, Noah’s Ark was found

on Mount Judi as revealed in the Qur’an NOT at Mount Ararat

as mentioned in the Bible.

2)  People of Ad (A’ad)

Ad’ is the name of the father of a tribe living in the Arab peninsula at a place called “Al-Ahqaf” located in the north of Yemen and Hadramaut Umman and including the oldest quarter after the people of Noah, and was famous for their strength in the form of physical bodies that was large and well-built (from the Hadith, Ad people were giant size compared to normal people. Allah described them as tall like lofty pillars and like of which were not created on land i.e. not like other people on earth at that time).

Al-Fajr – The Dawn (89: 6 – 8)

They are blessed by Allah s.w.t., fertile land with water resources flowing from all sides that facilitated them farming for their food and embellish their homes with flower gardens magnificently. Thanks to the gift of Allah s.w.t. they lived to be prosperous, peaceful and happy and in a short time they proliferate and become the largest tribe among the tribes that lived surrounded them.

Hud was sent to the Ad tribe who does not know Allah. They made ​​statues called “Shamud” and “Alhattar” and worshiped the idols as god which according to their belief, will give them happiness, goodness and profit and be able to repel evil, loss and all the disasters.

They denied Prophet Hud and Allah then brought a terrible wind that blew accompanied with thunder until they were buried in sand and eventually destroyed….

Al Ahqaf-The Wind-Curved Sandhills (46:21)

Fussilat (41:15)



Al Haqqah – The Reality (69:6)

Recent very fascinating discoveries revealed in YouTube on people of Aad for your view.

3) Prophet Salleh

Allah sent Prophet Saleh to the people of Thamud. Prophet Saleh had a miracle with the help of Allah, camel came out of the rocks. However, his people killed the she-camel. Prophet Saleh told  his people that God’s punishment will befall on them and this will be preceded by the signs. On first day when they woke up from sleep, their face become yellow and then turned red and black on the second day and third day; and fourth day, there will be a painful punishment of Allah.
Listening to the threat of punishment told by Prophet Saleh. a group of them, plans to kill Prophet Saleh ahead of the arrival of the promised punishment. They hold secret meetings and swear together, to murder Prophet Salleh in the late night when all people are fast asleep to avoid blood counterclaim by Saleh’s family, if they know the identity of the killer. Their plan must be kept secret so as not to be known and heard by anyone.
When they came to the Prophet Saleh to carry out his evil plans on the night of darkness and silence, huge rocks felt on them, unknown from which direction. Thus Allah has protected His Messenger from the disbelievers.
One day before the day of doom, with the permission of Allah, Prophet Saleh departed together with all his followers toward Ramlah, a place in Palestine, leaving the Hijr and its inhabitants. Thamud perished by a terrible earthquake.

Al A’raf – The Heights (7:73) 

Al A’raf  (7:77 – 78)

4) Prophet Luth

The people of Prophet Luth is known to do deviant act where the preferred to  marry same-sex couples (gay and lesbian). Despite numerous warnings, they do not want to repent. Allah finally felt to their doom in the form of a devastating earthquake accompanied with strong winds and hail that collapsed their houses. And, the the people of Luth were finally buried under the ruins of their own homes.

Hud (11:81)

Hud (11:82)

Talking about homosexual, history is repeating itself.

Around the world, homosexuals has become rampant (even in Malaysia) and there are some states in USA (it seems  4 to 5 or perhaps more, have legalized same sex marriages and they had even appointed gay senator as a Representative of for their kind…) and there are also some traces in Muslim countries, for example, by allowing a Muslim male acting as a gay character TV local movies (in addition to similar characters shown in Western TV movies) is indirectly encouraging such behavior and exposing it to our young Muslim children who likes to follow latest trend …..example, Korean K-pops, gangnam style etc. This type of exposure should be avoided for the view of our young children because they are our future generation and Allah had destroyed a Nation because of that this kind of behaviour…!). Today, we can see actors, proudly showing their male couple in Hollywood and in Malaysia, we already a case, where a Muslim male proudly announced he is gay.

The Writer pray to Allah that the homosexuals (including lesbian)  or those inclined towards it in our time, will repent….. and we also pray to Allah, he do not punish us the way he punished the people of Sodom.

5) Prophet Shu’ayb (Syuaib)

The people of Madyan were Arabs who lived in the country of Ma’an, part of which today is greater Syria. They were a greedy people who did not believe that Allah exists and who led wicked lives. They gave short measure, praised their goods beyond their worth, and hid their defects. They lied to their customers, thereby cheating them.
Allah sent His Prophet Shu’aib armed with many miracles. Shu’aib preached to them, begging them to be mindful of Allah’s favors and warning them of the consequences of their evil ways, but they only mocked him. Shu’aib remained calm as he reminded them of his kinship to them and that what he was doing was not for his personal gain.
They seized the belongings of Shuaib and his followers, then drove them out of the city. The Messenger turned to his Lord for help, and his plea was answered. Allah sent down on them scorching heat, and they suffered terribly. On seeing a cloud gathering in the sky, they thought it would bring cool, refreshing rain, and rushed outside in the hope of enjoying the rainfall. Instead, the cloud burst, hurling thunderbolts and fire. They heard a thunderous sound from above, which caused the earth under their feet to tremble. The evil-doers perished in this state of horror.


Al Araf – The Heights (7:85)



Al A’raf (7:88)


Hud (11:84)

 Hud (11:94)


Story of Prophet Shu’aib by Mufti Musa Ismail Menk

6) Pharaod

The Children of Israel often persecuted by Pharaoh. Allah sent Prophet Moses and Prophet Aaron to warn Pharaoh. The Pharaoh also claimed himself as god. Pharaod eventually drown in the Red Sea and Allah saved his body as evidence to mankind in the future (our time…). Until now, people can see his mummy in the museum in Egypt. What the al-Qur’an revealed about Pharaod came true….but how many disbelievers ever take this into consideration on the truth of the Al Quran…?


Al Baqarah – The Cow (2:49)

Al Baqarah (2:50)

Yunus (10:92) 

7) Ashabus-Sabt (The Saturday People)

The village of Aylah was by the Red Sea and the story of its people was cited in the Quran. Some people in the village committed major sins and as punishment, Allah turned them into monkeys and pigs. These people were call Ashabus-Sabt or the Saturday people.

Before Prophet Muhammad received Revelation about this event, the Jews concealed this story. They did not want people to know that Allah had turned some of the Children of Israel, who were before them, into pigs and monkeys, and then destroyed them. Allah however, exposed them in the Qur’an when He revealed this story to Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him.

This story was revealed as warning to the Jews not to be arrogant and stubborn. They should have accepted the truth and believed in Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him. The revelation of this story was aslo to remind the Jews of what had happened to those who were before them from the village of Aylah.

Al A’raf – The Heights (7:163)


Al-Baqarah (2:65) and Al-Maidah (5:60)

8) Ashab Al-Rass (Dry Water Wells)

The dwellers of Ar Rass were destroyed as they were among the other people that had refused to believe in the prophets of Allah

Ibn Jarir stated that the dwellers of Ar Rass were the people of one of Thamud’s villages. Allah sent a prophet to them called Huzlah Ibn Safwan. They denied and killed him, so Allah destroyed them.

Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Al Hassan narrated: “The dwellers of Ar Rass had a well sufficing them and their land. They also had a just and good-hearted king. When he died, they were much grieved for him. After four days Satan took his form and said: “I was not dead, but I kept absent from you to see your reaction.” They were very joyful. He commanded them to set up a curtain between him and them and told them that he would never die. A great number of them believed him and were fascinated with him and worshiped him. Then Allah sent them a prophet telling them that it was only Satan who was addressing them from behind the curtain. He forbade them to worship him and commanded them to worship only Allah and no other partner with Him. In spite of that, they killed their prophet and threw his body into a well. Therefore Allah destroyed them and their homes.”

Al Furqan (25:37 – 38)


Qaf (50:11 – 12)


9) Ashab Al-Ukhdudd

Story of Ashabul Ukhdudd can be used as reference and role model to all and especially to young Muslim today as this is a story about a brave young man who gave his life for the sake of Allah. True knowledge will lead us to Allah and this was taught by the learneth person (said to be the follower of Prophet Isa (Jesus) while the knowledge taught by the King’s palace witch was false. Because he believes in Allah, many people at his time received guidance and faith in Allah swt . We can follow the story of this young man in Surah Al-Buruuj (The mansions of Stars) and the hadith of Prophet Muhammad SallaLlahu alaihi wassalam as follows:

Shuhaib bin Simaan Arrmmi ra. said that the Messenger of Allah said:

At the time (said to be about 70 years before Prophet Muhammad SallaLlahu alaihi wassalam) there was a Jew King (who also claimed himself as God) who used the service of a magician (witch). One day the magician  said to the king: “Now that I am old and my life is near end, can you send me a young man who can I teach him witchcraft ”

The King finally chose a young man to learn witchcraft from the magician and he was required to learn from the magician daily. On the way to the Palace, the young man came across a learneth person who teaches religion. He stop, listen and decided to listen. After listening he continued his way to the King’s place (to learn witchcraft) but was late. The magician beat him for being late and when he finishes late, he was also beaten by the mother. As this became frequent, he related this issue to the learneth man who taught the young man to say, if he is late for witchcraft lesson, just said, he was stopped by the mother and if he returns late to home, just said the magician stopped him for leaving early (in dharurat situation, if the good prevails over the bad, most scholars said, it is allowed to lie – Wallahu alam)

This goes on for sometimes, and one day, on the way to the King’s palace to see the magician, in the middle of the road there was a wild beast (leopard). Others along the road were also afraid of the wild beast. In order for the young man to boost his confidence, he said to himself  “If learning from the learneth man is better, Allah will slay the beast, so that the people can go about this place. He then, took a small stone and threw it at the beast. With the grace of Allah, he managed to killed the beast. And people were happy because it was able to route the traffic.

He told about the incident to the Learneth man who said, “You are special in the eyes of Allah then me and usually, if you reached this position, you will be tested by Allah. If this happen to you, not to mention about me to anyone.” So, happen the young man can also help heal the blinds and  those with wide range of diseases.

One of the King’s council was blind due to eye sores. When he heard about the young man that can cure the all kinds of diseases he immediately goes to the young man bringing many gifts and said, “heal me and I’m willing to give you whatever you like “.

The young man replied: “I cannot heal anyone, only Allah Azza Wajalla can cure it. If you want to be cured you must believe (trust) in Allah. I will pray to Allah to heal you”. The King’s council declared his faith as a Muslim and the young man prayed to Allah and instantly, the King’s council’s eyes were cured.

As a King’s Council he had to attend functions relating to the King. So, when he attended the function after being cured, the King was surprised to find out that he can see so the King asked? “Who healed your eyes” The King’s council said, “My Rabbi (My Lord)”. The King said, ” Me?”. He replied, “No, my Lord and your Lord, Allah”. The King further asked “Do you have a god other than me?” The answer is “Yes, Allah, my Lord and your Lord”.

The King then tortured him until he had to reveal that the young man who prayed to Allah and healed him.

Then the King immediately called the boy and said, “Son, your magic is so great that you can healed the blind and various diseases?” The young man replied: “I cannot heal anyone, only Allah can cure them”. The King asked him ” Me?”, “No” replied the young man. The king then asked again “Do you have other gods besides me?” The young man answered “Yes, Allah, my Lord and your Lord”. Then the young man was arrested and tortured until he had to reveal the identity of the learneth man. So the King called the learneth man and tried to force him to leave his faith, but the learneth man stood firm and did not gave up this faith. The King then placed a timber saw on his head and cut his body into two. Likewise, he used similar punishment to his council who also refused to renown his faith to Allah. Both the learneth man and the King’s council died the same way.

Then, again the boy was ordered to leave his faith (Islam), but the youth also rejected the order of the king, then the king ordered his men to take  to the mountain top and there again he was ordered to leave his religion by the King’s men and still he refused. Then the young man prayed: “Allahumma ikfinihim bimaa syi’ta: (O Allah solve the affair between me and these people as you wish). Suddenly the mountain shook and all the King’s men felt to their death but the young man survived. He quickly went  to the King and when the King asked: “Where are my men who brought you?. He said, “Allah solve their business” they are all killed (the King cannot just kill the young lad as he was a very influential person then since he can cure many types of diseases so the King plan other method without the people seeing it)

Then the King ordered his men to take the young man to middle of the ocean by ship and once they reached their destination, he was  asked again to change his religion, if not he will be thrown into the sea and yet young man refused and said: “Allahumma ikfinihim bimaa syi’ta “, then with the grace of Allah, the skip capsize and all the King’s men were drown but the young man survived. He returned to the King and when asked by the king “Where are the people who brought you?” The youth answered: “Allah has solve their business” as all of them have drown.

Then the young man said to the king, “You can never kill me but if you wish to kill me, you must follow my orders” King asked: “What is your order?” Answer young man,  “You must gather all your men and people of your kingdom to a field and hang me to the pole, and then you take my arrow and bow and say loudly  “Bismillahi Rabbil ghulaarn (In the Name of the Lord of this young man), then you release the arrow, only then you can kill me “. So the young man suggestion was carried by the King himself and when the arrow struck the youth (some stories said in-between his face and right eye), he hold the arrow and said “Allahumma ikfinihim bimaa syi’ta and he died. Those presence who saw and listened what happened said “Aamannaa birrabil Ghulaam (We believe in the Lord, the young man)” and many became Muslims.

Then someone told the King that most of his population have change their faith, that of the young man’s god and how to deal with his population. So the king ordered his men to dug trenches in every street and lit with fire, and asked every one to go there and asked to change back to their original religion but those who refused will be pushed to the ditch of fire or they voluntarily walk into the trenches.

Hence, most of the people (some said, almost 20,000 people) walked row by row and refused to change the religion and they were pushed or walked voluntarily into the ditch of fire. One  woman still nursing her new born child was about to decide otherwise, until her infant baby spoke with a loud voice: “Be patient, O my mother, you’re defending what is right”. She also jumped into the fire.

(Narrated by Ahmad, Muslim and Annasa’i)

Ibn Abbas said that this story happened 70 years before the Prophet Muhammad’s time,  peace be upon him.

Hopefully our young Muslims will be learned and guidance from this great story.
Al Buruuj – The mansions of the Stars (85: 4 – 9)

Youtube story of Ashab Al-Ukhdudd :

Animation story on Ashab Al-Ukhdudd (in Arabic)

Story of Ashab Al-Ukhdudd by Dr. Azri (in Malay 1/9)

…you can continue viewing tube for full lecture on topic.

  1. Ashab al-Qaryah

According to some tafseer expert, Ashab Al-Qaryah (a country) is about the people of Antakiya (now known as Antioch). It’s about three servants of Allah who were tortured, killed and imprisoned by the wicked inhabitants of a place somewhere in Syria today. Its about a King named Anticus bin Anticus Bin Anticus (3rd generation, the King’s name were the same) who worshiped idols. Antioch was originally located in the territory of Turkey during the Ottoman Empire but was later became Syria territory after World War I.

If you read the Tafsir of Baidhawi Jamal (Sheikh Abdul Rauf Fansuri), this event is said to occur in Rome. It should be noted that Rome means the province of the Eastern Roman Antakiyah which was part of Eastern Roman Empire region based in Constantinople.

God sent three envoys (Prophets of Allah), named Saiq, Saduq and third prophet named Shalom. There are also reports which say that their name is Syamu’n (Samson) and Yohana and his assistant named Paul. In Arabic the name is pronounced as Syamu’n, Juhana and Baulush. But the second story is more told by Christians in the New Testament (Bible).

In the book of Imam Ghazali Muqasyafatul Quloob, related that the Prophet gathered his companions in the holy month of Ramadan to give his usrah. In the usrah the Prophet told them about the Prophet of Allah SWT named Syamu’n. Prophet Muhammad named him as Sam’un Ghazil. Prophet Syamu’n was not told anywhere in the Qur’an  but his name had been narrated in the book Qisasul Anbiya ‘(the story of the Prophet). In the old books, it was mentioned how suddenly the Prophet smiled so invited strange feelings by the companions. Then a companion of the Prophet asked: “Why are you smiling, O Prophet of Allah?” Prophet immediately replied I was shown during our Judgement day in Padang Masyhar, a prophet with a sword (who does not have even a single follower), go into heaven. He is Syamu’n (Samson).

According to Jewish teachings, Prophet Syamu’n was  not a prophet but only Qadi (Judge) of those being associated with the story of Samson and Delaila. According to the study of history, the events of the Prophet on presence ground of Antakiya occurred in 39 AD. Even Christian historians believe that the presence of the messenger is to spread the teachings of Christians led by Barnabas and Paul. If true, Antakiyah Barnabas was sent to spread the teachings of monotheism, there might be some logic as to the present teachings of Barnabas associated with uni-divine teachings of a single god that keeps the original teachings of Prophet Isa (Jesus). However, the teachings of Paul were dubious, because he was amongst individuals who mixed original Christian teachings with the teachings of paganism (idolatry) when leading the Christians during the Roman civilization.  Clear contradiction existed in the teachings of Paul and we as Muslims should names mentioned by Christian scholars but it is enough to know that there was a messenger sent to spread the gospel of God to people of Antakiyah. Sources says that one of the messenger was Paul was from Ibn Juraij (Ben Gregory). Ibn Juraij born from a family with Christian tradition. Descendants named Gregory (in Arabic called Juraij) are Romans who are also Christians. His father converted to Islam and was named Abdul Aziz, is a scholar. According to Imam Ahmad, said that he was the first person to write religious texts. He died in 767 AD.  Ibn Juraij very close to the tradition of Christian due to his family lineage. Perhaps this influence led him to interpret that one of the three envoys was Paul.

For the messenger named Barnabas, he was Joseph but was called by the apostles as Barnabas (according to Christian sources). Barnabas meaning is “young artist”. Barnabas was a Jew descended from the tribe of Levi who came  from Cyprus. Barnabas first saw Paul (Paul) when Paul traveled to Jerusalem. Along with Paul, Barnabas was sent by the seniors to Antokiya to preach the gospel to non-Hews. Then John (Juhana) together join them to preach the Gospel to Cyprus.

Coming back to the story of three Prophets aabove, this event was said to occur approximately 9 years after the Prophet Yahya was killed by King Herod II in Palestine. King Herod II was the son of King Herod the Great who loves his niece, the daughter of Aristobulus IV and cannot accept non-married nephew fatwa issued by the Prophet Yahya.

Also note that attitude Antakiah when receiving missionary;

Yasin (36: 13-14)

Yasin (36: 15-16)

Yasin (36:17)

Yasin (36:18)

In verse 18, it was clear that the people there rejected the truth, and  will try to find the reasons and arguments against the truth.

Like Today, we also see similar things happening, those who preaches the true about Islam are being defamed, accused of breaking the communities and so on. Antakiya race slammed the messenger of Allah by associating their difficulties like natural disasters, loss of crops, etc.  due to the presence of the Prophets which coincides with the calamity that they faced

  1. The people of Tubbas

    Ad Dukhan – The Smoke (44:37)

Al Qaf – The letter Qaf (50:14)

Taken from tafsir ibn kathir:

The Tubba` were Arab descendants of Qahtan, just as these people (Quraysh) were Arab descendants of `Adnan. Among the people of Himyar — who are also known as Saba’ — when a man became their king, they called him Tubba`, just as the title Chosroes was given to the king of Persia, Caesar to the king of the Romans, Fir`awn to the disbelieving ruler of Egypt, Negus to the king of Ethiopia, and so on among other nations.

But it so happened that one of the Tubba` left Yemen and went on a journey of conquest until he reached Samarkand, expanding his kingdom and domain. He is the one who founded Al-Hirah. It is agreed that he passed through Al-Madinah during the days of Jahiliyyah. He fought its inhabitants but they resisted him; they fought him by day and supplied him with food by night, so he felt ashamed before them and refrained from harming them.

He was accompanied by two Jewish rabbis who advised him and told him that he would never prevail over this city, for it would be the place to which a Prophet would migrate towards the end of time. So he retreated and took them (the two rabbis) with him to Yemen. When he passed by Makkah, he wanted to destroy the Ka`bah, but they told him not to do that either. They told him about the significance of this House, that it had been built by Ibrahim Al-Khalil, peace be upon him, and that it would become of great importance through that Prophet who would be sent towards the end of time. So he respected it, performed Tawaf around it, and covered it with a fine cloth.

Then he returned to Yemen and invited its people to follow the religion of guidance along with him. At that time, the religion of Musa, peace be upon him, was the religion followed by those who were guided, before the coming of the Messiah, peace be upon him. So the people of Yemen accepted the religion of guidance along with him. `Abdur-Razzaq recorded that Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “The Messenger of Allah said “I do not know whether Tubba` was a Prophet or not.) It was narrated that Tamim bin `Abdur-Rahman said:” `Ata’ bin Abi Rabah said, `Do not revile Tubba`, for the Messenger of Allah forbade reviling him.”’ .

After his death the people went astray and reverted to idolatry and fire-worship. This brought down on them the Divine wrath, the details of which are available in Surah Saba’.

And Allah knows best

  1. People of Sheba

An authentic hadith of Ibn ‘Abbas explained that Allah’s Messenger asked someone, “What is Saba, a  state or a person’s name?” The Prophet said, “He is a man who begets ten children. Six lived in Yemen and four in Syria. In Yemen were Mudzhij, Kindah, Alazad, Asa’ariyum, Anmar and Himyar while in Syria were Lakham, Judzam, Amilah and Ghassan. ”

Their ancestors are said to derive from the Arab tribes of Yemen. The origin of their residence named Saba, later became the name of the state or government to the capital of Maarib.

Saba government was led by a queen named Sheba.  This showed, even during the old days, a woman can involved and play a role in managing the countryy. Saba was  mentioned in the Qur’an (Surah Saba: 15) has bestowed land with very fertile land.

Allah bestowed the people of Saba by giving them two gardens that were very fertile. But because they do not appreciate the blessings that have been given by God, God replaces the trees in the garden with bitter fruit trees, the tree of Asl and Sidr. Asl is firmly rooted tree so hard to plug. As for the Sidr,  the fruits are not suitablel to eat.

Allah blessed their land but yet they denied Allah. The people of Sheba were punished by big flood.
Al Naml – The Ants (27:44)

The Christian archaeologist Werner Keller, writer of “Und Die Bible Hat Doch Recht” (The Holy Book Was Right), accepted that the flood of Arim occurred according to the description of the Qur’an and wrote that the existence of such a dam and the destruction of the whole country by its collapse proves that the example given in the Qur’an about the people of the garden was indeed true.

After the disaster of the Arim flood, the region started to turn into a desert and the Sabaean people lost their most important source of income. Their lands, which had been agricultural havens of prosperity and financial strength, disappeared. The people, who had not heeded the call of Allah to believe in Him and to be grateful to Him, were in the end punished with this disaster.

Story of Prophet Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

Az Zumar – The troops (39:22)

Al An’am – The Cattle (6:125)


It’s because Satan (the devil) is their companion…!

Az-Zukhruf (43:36)

Again, the Writer would like to stress that he is not sure whether the pictures and videos above are authentic. The Writer like the comment made by Mufti Menk who said that if the Quran does not move a person, no pictures nor video will move a person towards the Qur’an. 

Remember this ayat , Allah clearly call his slave (mankind) to worship him alone.

Al-Ankaboot (29:56)

The Writer would like to recommend readers to find this book – The End Of The World (Signs of the Hour, Major and Minor) written by Dr.Muhammad al-‘Areefi and published by Darussalam.