Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R
Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R was one of the as-Sabiqun al-Awwalun (Early Muslims). He converted to Islam when he was only eighteen (18) years of age.According to most accounts, Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R was the eighth (8th) person to convert to IslamAbu Bakr R was responsible for his conversion to Islam.

He was tortured very much because of his conversion. His elder brother ‘Uthman bin ‘Ubaydullah used beat him up mercilessly. Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R also spent three years of the boycott imposed by the Quraysh on the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S and his clan of Banu (Family of) Hashim. They were forced to leave their homes in Makkah and live in a mountain pass called She’b (Pass) Abu Talib.

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R stayed with the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S and his family, other Muslims and their families and the members of Banu (Family ofHashim, most of whom had not even accepted Islam.

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R was a cousin of Abu Bakr R. ‘Amr bin Ka’b was the great grandfather of both of them.

Like Abu Bakr R, Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R was also one of the ‘Asharah Mubashsharah (Ten who were given the news of Heaven in their life). Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R was one of the very few residents of Makkah who could read and write at the advent of Islam.
His mother Sahba bint ‘Abdullah R has also converted to Islam and lived through the times of ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan R, the third Khalifah (Caliph) of Muslims.

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R brought the family of Abu Bakr R to Yathrib (Madinah) after Hijrah (Migration). In Yathrib (Madinah), he stayed with As’ad bin Zurarah R who was among the first batch of converts from Yathrib (Madinah).

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R participated in all of the Ghazwat (Battles in which Muhammad S participated personally), with the exception of the battle of Badr, because the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S had sent him and Sa’id bin Zayd R to get information on the movement of the Quraysh army. They missed the Quraysh army and by the time they returned, the battle had been won by the Muslims. However, both of them were given their share of the MaGhanimah (War Trophies) of the battle. The battle of Badr, the first major battle fought between Muslims and the Quraysh on the 17th day of Ramadan (Ninth month of the Islamic calendar) of the year 2H (Hijrah) (623 CE).

‘Uthman bin ‘Affan R, the son in-law of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S, also could not participate in the battle of Badr because he stayed behind in Madinah to take care of his sick wife Ruqayyah R. ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan R was also given his share of the MaGhanimah (War Trophies) of the battle.

In the battle of UhadTalhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R compensated for his absence from the battle of Badr. Battle of Uhad was the next major battle fought between Muslims and the Quraysh. It was fought in the year 3H (Hijrah) (624 CE).

This time the Quraysh had specifically targeted the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S. Many prominent Ansar (Helpers-Muslims of Madinah) and Muhajirun (Muslim Migrants from Makkah) including the brave warrior of IslamHamzah bin ‘Abdul Muttalib R and a cousin as well as an uncle, had achieved Shahadah (Martyrdom) in this battle.
Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R and Sa’d bin Abu Waqqas R kept very close to the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S and shielded him.
 bin Abu Waqqas R was trying to keep the enemy by shooting ar-rows at them. Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R literally became a human shield infront of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S from the attacks of Quraysh. He was seriously injured but he continued defendin him. In the process, he llost two of his fingers in a sword attack, one of his arms was disabled by a spear which perched through his palm, received a deep cut in one his legs, was hit in the head by two spears. He had lost a lot of blood but continued to defend the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S.

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R had received a total of seventy (70) wounds on his body. The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S called him as a person who has achieved Shahadah (Martyrdom) in his life and called him a living Shahid (Martyr).

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R participated in the farewll Hajj (Annual pilgrimage to the Ka’bah) of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S, in the year 10H (Hijrah).

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R led the Muslim army to victory at many occasions. He achieved Shahadah (Martyrdom) in the battle of Jamal by an arrow shot by Marwan bin Hakim at the age of sixty four (64) years.

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R had a total of eleven sons and four daughters from nine marriages. He had named his sons after the names of various Rusul (Messengers) of Allah (God). Their names were Muhammad R, ‘ImranMusaYa’qubIsmailIshaqSalehIsaYahya, Zakariyyah and Yusuf. His daughters were A“ishahSabahMaryam and Umm Ishaq.

Talhah bin ‘Ubaydullah R’s son Muhammad R was born from Hammanah bint Jahsh R, a sister of Zaynab bint Jahsh, an Ummul Mominin (Mother of all Muslims), a title given to the holy wives of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S. Muhammad bin Talhah R also achieved Shahadah (Martyrdom) in the battle of Jamal. Two of his other sons Zakariyyah bin Talhah and Yusuf bin Talhah and daughter A“ishah bint Talhah were born to his wife Umm Kulthum bint Abu Bakr R. His daughter Umm Ishaq bint Talhah married Hasan bin ‘Ali R, a son of ‘Ali bin Abu Talib R, who became the fourth Khalifah (Caliph) of Muslims. They had a son named Talhah bin Hasan. After the death of Hasan bin ‘Ali R, Umm Ishaq bint Talhah married Hasan bin ‘Ali R’s younger brother Husayn bin ‘Ali R. They had a daughter named Fatimah bint Husayn from this marriage.

Hasan bin ‘Ali R and Husayn bin ‘Ali R were grandsons of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S, from his youngest Fatimah R and ‘Ali bin Abu Talib R.